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Subject: Saving passwords securely

Matrix appears to use DIGEST-MD5 when sending passwords to the server. I would like my application to store the user's password in a configuration file after the user has first logged-on to make it easier for the user later.

Is it a realistic approach to store the MD5 hash of the password in the configuration file, so that I do not have clear text password or have to do some other encryption and decryption mechanism?

Does Matrix expose its hashing mechanism so that I could save its hash of the password in the configuration file?

Alex #2
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Which SASL mechanism will be used depends on the supported SASL mechanisms on your server. The next version will also support SCRAM-SHA-1 which will be default in your MLink setup then.

Right now MatriX needs the plain password in the password property. In theory with some SASL mechanisms it would be possible to store a hash, but when you set the properties of the connection I don't which SASL mechanisms are supported by your server yet.

I suggest to encrypt the plain password in your storage with an appropriate crypto algorithm.

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