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RosterExchange or SharedGroup
Jro #1
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Subject: Shared Group Functionality

Is there any Matrix support for shared group ( and later type functionality?  I notice the first is a retracted part of the protocol and the second is simply a 5-year old draft, however it seems Openfire and Jabber have added admin console support for this insofar as sharing rosters automatically between users.

To explain my prototype use case, I am trying to create a new account and then assign a "group" to that user for the purposes of updating the new user's roster with the roster of those already within such a group (and then adding the new account to such a roster).  I understand that the current Group information that is settable from the RosterManager is for specifically the roster, and does not interact with any shared group piece (nor have I found an xmpp extension in either Openfire/Jabber for shared group administration).

If my above understanding is correct, could I mimic this shared-group concept through some implementation of PubSub or is this something best left to manipulating an XMPP server's database directly?

Thanks in advance,
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Alex #2
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Hello Jeffrey,

normally the shared roster stuff which servers implement are managed on the server only. On the client normally you have no influence on this shared groups. Often LDAP or active directory is used for shared rosters.
As you said XEP-0140 was retracted and I don't think its used in any client or server today. XEP-0144 is for exchanging contacts between 2 users. I don't think this is what you are looking for.

I would write a server plugin or some external software which modifies the SQL database of the server directly. You should be able to hook into server and get an event whenever a new account is created. Then you can populate the roster from this event.
Another solution is to register new accounts not over XMPP and MatriX, but from a web page or another software which has direct access to the server sql database. Then its very easy to populate the roster during the registration.

Of course you can use pubsub (like XEP-0140) or write your own extensions for shared groups, but IMHO its the best to handle it on the server. When you try sync the contacts from pubsub => client or client <==> client then you have to use the roster manager at the end and always handle subscriptions. On the server you can automatically subscribe the contacts.

Correct me if I got something wrong and didn't understand your use case correctly.

Jro #3
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Thanks for the quick response Alex!
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