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tosse #1
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Subject: PubSub help needed

i'm trying to get a pubsub example to run, but it doesn't work.

So fare I have the following running:
           PubSubManager pubSubManager = new PubSubManager(locStreamCon.getXmppConnection());

            Jid jidTo = new Jid("pubsub.immp3w1128");
            String node = "/home/immp3w1128/Bot_LocationData;
            Item payload = new Item("id12234");
            payload.Value = "Test Message";

            pubSubManager.CreateNode(jidTo,node, true,new IqCB(CreateNodeResult),null);

            pubSubManager.PublishItem(jidTo, node, payload);

I tried to configure PSI to listen to the new created pubsub node. But this doesn't work. I tried other Clients to, but still no success.

Does anybody know a good tutorial for getting pubsub running?

Thanks for your help.

Alex #2
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can you please post the xml debug?

  • does the callback CreateNodeResult returns success?
  • try to add a callback for PublishItem as well and see if it returns success.

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