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Subject: Use IP address as server
I have a problem with authentication when I use IP address of server.
I saw answer in FAQ but I try to authenticate with Pidgin and it is ok.
Openfire is configured to an IP-Address.
If it works in Pidgin then it must work with agsXMPP SDK.
Please advice.
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agsXMPP is using the most secure SASL mechanism offered by the server by default. For most servers this is SASL DIGEST-MD5. In DIGEST-MD5 the server domain is part of the authentication, and if it doesn't match it fails.
Other clients use SASL PLAIN only which needs only a username and password. This is the reason why they may be able to authenticate, even of your client or server settings are wrong. The Domain you configured in your server must match to the domain you use in the client or agsXMPP. Otherwise you will run into problems sooner or later. Because in XMPP the addresses and are different identities, even if resolves to the IP

Please never use IP addresses with XMPP. XMPP is domain based.
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