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Cojito123 #1
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thanks a lot that helped!
But i have more ;)

is there a way to extend the Presence?
The server i querying is sending a custom attribute  called userdata in their presence which i want to read.
My attempts so far where trying to derive from presence and add an attribute called userdata to it like this:
using agsXMPP.protocol.Base;
using agsXMPP.protocol.extensions.nickname;
using agsXMPP.protocol.x;
using agsXMPP.protocol.x.muc;
using System;

namespace ConsoleClient
    public class Presence : agsXMPP.protocol.client.Presence
        public string user_data;
        public string UserData
            get { return GetTag("user_data"); }
            set { SetTag("user_data", value.ToString()); }

Saidly though this can not be user with the Onpresence event :(

Is there an interface i could derive from?
Alex #2
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yes, what you are doing is correct. You are only missing one part.
You have to register your derived Presence class in the ElementFactory. This will override the Presence class you derived from. In the OnPresence callback the packets should be all of your new type then.

Register your new Presence class with the following code:

  1. AddElementType("presence", Uri.CLIENT, typeof(MyPresence));
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