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jason #1
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Subject: Mono System.DllNotFoundException: Iphlpapi.dll
I am trying to run .net 2.0 version of agsxmpp \agsXMPP SDK\1.10\agsxmpp\bin\Net2\Debug\agsXMPP.dll on mono 2.4 CentOS. If I just use the agsXMPP.dll as is I get the following dll not found error

System.DllNotFoundException: Iphlpapi.dll

If I remove WIN32 from compilation symbols I get a socket connection error and it never connects to the xmpp server.

Can you provide any information on the proper approach to get this working on mono?


Alex #2
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On Mono there is no SRV support. So you have to specify the ConnectServer on your code.
The Iphlpapi.dll is used on windows to find the registered dns servers for srv lookups. IF you add some lines which read the DNS servers on linux this will work as well.

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