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Dmitriy #1
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Subject: Bug in RosterControl.SetPresence method

I think I found a bug...

if (m_Roster.ContainsKey(pres.From.Bare))

This line in the RosterControl.SetPresence method causes a problem:

I look into my roster. It has 8 items, and one of them is

The presence packet is coming from (note the capitalization).

So, the roster controls in MiniClient shows "myname" as unavailable.

I can still send a message to it (because it is in fact available), but when this user replies to MiniClient, MiniClient blows up with an exception.

I tried a quick workaround (using ToLower() and a temporary List<string> from roster), but it only got me a few lines lower in that method, and then - another exception.

I think you can easily replicate this problem if you register a new GMail/GTalk account and make sure it has a capital letter in it.

Thank you.

Alex #2
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To all Jids the stringprep profiles as defined in the rfcs must be applied. So the client must lower it before it logins. If it doesn't than at least the server should do it. If the GTalk server routes this Jid then this is an issue in their server.

If you control both clients then use stringprep before you login. If the Google Talk client does this then please send a bug report to Google.

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