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Subject: how to build your own server
hi all,
i am a student and i need to make an application that shows who is online and all the different status. how can i do this with xmpp? i am using 2008 to write this application.

i need a client and i need a server, but i would like to use a server from my school, is this possible? or do i have to create my own? and how would i go about doing this?

please, i need all the help i can get, can you give me a list of how i can create the client and the server. i have taken a look at the mini client example but i am not understanding very well.

javanesevn #2
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Hi Sal,

I think you should try to use xmpp first.

On server side:
- Use free server online services (
- Look at these servers and choose server to install in your local machine.

On client side: You can use MiniClient or free clients are included in here (

Hope you enjoy xmpp world.

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