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codi #1
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Subject: is outdated?

first I want to say, that I'm totally new to this hole "XMPP-thing". I'm starting a few days ago to take a look on this SDK and it looks great. So, I start to browse a little through the source and playing arround with a few own snippets. Oh, and sorry for my bad english! But back to topic:
Maybe i'm wrong but for me it seems, "" implements XEP-0090 (Entity Time) which is deprecated. Shouldn't a new class implement XEP-0090 for backwards compatibility and Timet implements XEP-0202 as default?

As said, I'm abolutly new to XMPP and maybe I'm wrong but it was a little confusing because XEP-0090 was not listet on
Alex #2
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current clients still use XEP-0090. So I think there should be both in agsXMPP. We can't replace 90 with 202 because its still used in lots of software.
I put it on the TODO list to add XEP-0202 as well.
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