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mchhetri #1
Member since Feb 2008 · 6 posts · Location: Melbourne, Australia
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Subject: Voice support with agsxmpp

Is there any support for voice in agsxmpp?
If not, is anybody aware of other .NET implementations of XMPP which support voice?
If not, what is the effort required to integrate voice into agsxmpp?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

javanesevn #2
Member since Apr 2008 · 74 posts · Location: Japan
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I think voice feature is a challenging task and XEPs are proposing in extension list.
I am very joyful when this feature will add to agsXMPP lib.  :-)  

Alex, could you give us your recommendation about voice feature to integrate it into api?

Alex #3
Member since Feb 2003 · 4447 posts · Location: Germany
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There is no voice support in agsXMPP, and yes it's a challenging task ;-)

To add voice, video and other media support to XMPP apps Jingle is needed. You can find the Jingle XEPs here:

Jingle has many dependencies to other RFCs like STUN, ICE, RTP.... for most them there are no .NET libraries or bindings available which means its really lots of work to get a Jingle implementation working in .NET. Another burden are audio codecs.

LonelyPixel #4
Member since May 2006 · 8 posts · Location: Eckental, DE
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Yes, Jingle/voice chat would indeed be a very interesting addition to agsXMPP. I'm still planning to use this library in my own messaging application, that shall one day feature an e-mail client with built-in things like GPG signing/encryption (there's a .NET library for that) and Jabber/XMPP chats (using the same contact list as the e-mail address book, for example). This combination of e-mail and chat allows interesting user interfaces that concentrate on communicating with other persons, no matter over what media (e-mail/chat/voice/video). I'm still looking for a secure HTML viewer/editor component for .NET. (I'd like to use Webkit, but it doesn't seem to be easy to tie that in a .NET application. Internet Explorer is unusable because it cannot even disable JavaScript/Plugins and its way too insecure.) Voice/video chat would certainly be an interesting addition to this, seeing other Jabber clients adding this feature.
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