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Subject: cannot talk via gtalk id
Hi all,
 I have developed a simple console application using agsXMPP library. -
            XmppClientConnection xmpp = new XmppClientConnection();
            xmpp.Server = "";
            xmpp.ConnectServer = "";
            xmpp.AutoResolveConnectServer = true;
            xmpp.Username = "user id":;
            xmpp.Password = "Password";
            xmpp.Resource = null;
            xmpp.Priority = 10;
            xmpp.Port = 5222;
            xmpp.UseSSL = true;
            xmpp.SocketConnectionType =;
            xmpp.UseStartTLS = true;

I am able to open the connection - authenticated status is true

I also get the list of available contacts. but then during the event - OnPresence, I  get this exception -

Socket Exception: Unable to read data from the transport connection: Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: 'System.Net.Sockets.Socket'..
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Alex #2
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There are some errors in your code. I don't know what exactly is the problem, but I think it's the order you process the events, or your console app is terminating to early.

  • Please study the examples which ship with the SDK. There is a console and winforms example.
  • Setup all your event handlers before calling xmppCon.Open()
  • If you request the roster on each login, send your own presence in OnRosterEnd.

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