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But I haven't found the solution in 10 minutes of searching, so I'll ask and get ridiculued.
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Subject: My likely ununique problem...

I just recently (today) started attempting to use the agsXMPP code libraries for my own jabber client that I'm writing for a LiveChat program here at work. After about 20 minutes or so of coding I hit a snag in my program. It wasn't connecting to the Jabber server. I looked at the info, put in the IP Address (which I learned here, was a humongous blaspheme on how things are to actually be done). Still didn't work. In my grief I deleted all my code, and replaced it with the example code in the console application, figuring that If I couldn't get it to work here, something was seriously wrong. Well... I couldn't get it to work there. So I've come here now to request help from you, the writers of this API, as to how I should go about doing things.

On other clients like PSI, I configure my logon in the following way.

JabberID: name@domain
Password: password
Host: IP Address
Port: 5222
Plain Text Authentication.

So I attempted to write that into the code, by saying that the ConnectServer was the IP and that the server was the domain, still didn't work.

We are connected through a BarracudaNetworks Jabber server on it's latest update. It's set up to connect to its IP address, and use domains defined on the server. As such, I'm able to successfully connect on PSI where I'm able to differentiate.

Because of the nature in which I'm designing the Live Chat program (ASPX page signals the Client through an AJAX call, which then connects to the Barracuda server, and relays messages, etc.). The client itself would be on the server, which would be part of the intranet, which is why I'm so confused as to I'm unable to force this to work.

Any and all help is much appreciated, and I'm sorry for using IP Addresses, when it's clearly taboo.
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Hi Jinno,

you need ConnectServer only if the Jabber Server is not running on the IP which gets resolved by DNS for the Domain.

JabberID: ==> XMPP Domain
If there are no XMPP SRV records for and's A-Record resolves via DNS to but the jabber server is not running on you need ConnectServer to specify the correct IP Address. Because agsXMPP is not able to find the server.

If you use ConnectServer then AutoResolveConenctServer must be false, otherwise it gets overwritten by the library.

I never heard from BarracudaNetworks Jabber server before. If it still does not work, can you please create an test-account for me?

Please post the code you use to connect.

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That worked. Thanks so much. I didn't catch the AutoResolveConnect server.
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