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sandhya #1
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Subject: Implement ScreenSharing through agsXmpp
We want to implement screensharing in our chat client using agsXmpp.Is there anything in agsXmpp which supports directly.
Currently we are capturing the screen as an image and trying to send it to the other user using Presence.

 Presence pres = new Presence();
            pres.Type = PresenceType.invite;
            pres.To = to;
            pres.Status = message;           
            Avatar avatar = new Avatar();
            avatar.Hash = agsXMPP.util.Hash.HexToString(bytes); //bytes is nothing but my screen image in byte[].

This is not working,my connection is getting lost.I hope the error is because avatar.Hash contains a very huge string.
Can u give me the solution for this.How can i tranfer an image(of unrestricted size) between two users....?
Alex #2
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you can transfer files in xmpp in different ways. The most common are SOCKS5 and IBB file-transer. If you use the forums search you will find many threads about this. Look also in the MiniClient which has a SOCKS5 file transfer.

For real screen sharing you have to send also all updates and mouse coordinates of the screen. There are existing protocols and software products for this (eg. vnc). You would need some RTP protocol for this. So the XMPP Jingle extensions are the way to go. You can find them at

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