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Subject: Receive all incoming messages
Again, sorry if these are noob questions, I couldn't find the answer searching. :)

How can I get all incoming messages without specifying specific people? This code I got from the example projects requires me to specify a specific account to listen for, but I want to get all of them regardless who from, is this possible?

  xmpp.MessageGrabber.Add(new Jid(""),
  new BareJidComparer(),
  new MessageCB(MessageCallBack),

Jabberer #2
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All messages arrive in the OnMessage event.

The message grabber is handy if you need filtering. E.g. you open a new chat window For each chat/jid. Then you can setup a MessageGrabber directly in the window. In this case you don't have to filter them in the OnMessage event, and you don't have to find the correct chat window and pass the message.
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