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Subject: Can't get two agsXMPP apps to talk over
I'm new to all this so bear with me. :)

I wrote an app using agsXMPP that uses server and it can communicate fine with a Google Talk app, but I can't get two copies of my agsXMPP app to talk to each other (two separate machines and gmail accounts).

I'm using very simple code from the command line example and they are both connecting fine (xmpp.Authenticated == true), just no messages getting back and forth:
            xmpp.Server = "";
            xmpp.AutoResolveConnectServer = true;
            xmpp.Username = "account";
            xmpp.Password = "password";
            xmpp.Resource = null;
            xmpp.Priority = 10;
            xmpp.Port = 5222;
            xmpp.UseSSL = true;
            xmpp.SocketConnectionType =;
            xmpp.UseStartTLS = true;

I log out either one of them and login with same account using Google Talk app and I can send messages both directions fine.
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The contacts have to be on each other roster and need subscription from/to each other. Otherwise Google drops the messages.
This is also for preventing SPAM.

Most other servers don't have such a policy currently activated, but Google has. Unlike the other proprietary IM Systems XMPP is secure and prevents SPAM with such mechanisms. We have seen no SPAM yet on XMPP, when it starts then other server admins may activate such a policy as well pretty fast.
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