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Subject: OnLogin event isn't firing
I am just trying to replicate any of the extremely simple GTalk connection examples I have seen.  The latest iteration of my code is below.  For some reason, my OnLogin event never fires (I have tried versions where the handler just throws an ApplicationException too).  I actually get login output to stdout:

Cipher: Rc4 strength 128
Hash: Md5 strength 128
Key exchange: RsaSign strength 1024
Protocol: Tls
Is authenticated: True as server? False
IsSigned: True
Is Encrypted: True
Certificate revocation list checked: True
Remote cert was issued to, O=Google Inc., L=Mountain View, S=
California, C=US and is valid from 4/11/2007 1:20:16 PM until 4/10/2012 1:20:16
Can read: True, write True
Can timeout: True

But my OnLogin handler never gets invoked.  I have tried this with firewall on and off, and with from account of both and just username.  Any help would be appreciated, I have no idea what is going on.

I realize the loop/sleep thing is a little lame, its just to get my silly console app to hang while login occurs.  I have also tried with just a 5 second sleep after login and no loop/continue flag.

static XmppClientConnection sm_Connection;
static bool sm_Continue;

    static void Main(string[] args)
        sm_Connection = new XmppClientConnection();
        sm_Connection.Server = "";
        sm_Connection.ConnectServer = "";
        sm_Connection.Username = "username";
        sm_Connection.Password = "******";
        sm_Connection.OnLogin += delegate(object sender) { sm_Continue = true;  sm_Connection.Send(new Message("",, "testing")); };
        sm_Continue = false;

        sm_Connection.Send(new Message("",, "whattup, dawg?"));

Thanks again for any help.
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the problem must be here:
  1. sm_Connection.Server = "";

if your Google ID is this must be:

  1. sm_Connection.Server = "";
  2. sm_Connection.Username = "something";

AFAIK only Google employees have IDs.
Look also at the Google Talk and MiniClient example in the samples directory.
Software Developer
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Yeah, I've looked at those samples probably 50 times by now.  And missed that detail about 50 times.

I'm an idiot.  Thanks for the extra set of eyes.
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