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ayyrk #1
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Subject: SetTagBase64

I based some code on your Manual "creating own packet types".

I am sending binary data using:

SetTag("bytes", readToBase64String( fileName));

Looking back at this code I now find SetTagBase64.

Question: Is there a benefit to using SetTagBase64 or is my readToBase64String method accomplishing the same thing?

Alex #2
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no there is no benefit of using the SetTagBase64 functions.
In contrary, they can use you some encoding troubles with the first overload which is using Encoding.Unicode. I cannot remember right now why I added them. Its on my TODO list to check and refactor this functions with the next release. Because we had some troubles when we tried to use them for IBB file transfers for some custom customer code ;-)

  1. /// <summary>
  2. /// Adds a Tag and encodes the Data to BASE64
  3. /// </summary>
  4. /// <param name="argTagname"></param>
  5. /// <param name="argText"></param>
  6. public void SetTagBase64(string argTagname, string argText)
  7. {
  8.     byte[] b = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(argText);
  9.     SetTag(argTagname, Convert.ToBase64String(b, 0, b.Length));
  10. }
  12. /// <summary>
  13. /// Adds a Tag end decodes the byte buffer to BASE64
  14. /// </summary>
  15. /// <param name="argTagname"></param>
  16. /// <param name="buffer"></param>
  17. public void SetTagBase64(string argTagname, byte[] buffer)
  18. {
  19.     SetTag(argTagname, Convert.ToBase64String(buffer, 0, buffer.Length));
  20. }

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