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mchhetri #1
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Subject: How do participants in a Muc room know that it has been destroyed

If a client is participating in a muc chat as a normal participant, how does he/she know when the owner of the muc-room destroys the room?

Is this sent out as a Presence or as a Message?

Alex #2
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This is described here in XE=-0045-Multi-User Chat:

The users will get a unavailable presence which looks like this:

  1. <presence
  2.     from='heath@macbeth.shakespeare.lit/firstwitch'
  3.     to='crone1@shakespeare.lit/desktop'
  4.     type='unavailable'>
  5.  <x xmlns=''>
  6.     <item affiliation='none' role='none'/>
  7.     <destroy jid='darkcave@macbeth.shakespeare.lit'>
  8.       <reason>Macbeth doth come.</reason>
  9.     </destroy>
  10.  </x>
  11. </presence>

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