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Subject: 0k files created during filetransfer

I use miniclient and spark clients along with openfire server to test the file transfer; When I send files from spark to miniclient it works but not the other way. I get a 0k file created by spark.
I was hoping if I pasted the send and receive logs from miniclient, you guys can point me to anything that I'm missing. Any help is appreciated.

From Spark to Mini
spark: <iq id="dOOE2-49" to="madhan@venky/MiniClient" from="user1@venky/spark" type="set"><si xmlns="" id="jsi_2756468538531082847" mime-type="application/octet-stream" profile=""><file xmlns="" name="spark_2_5_8.exe" size="28349440"><desc>Sending file</desc></file><feature xmlns=""><x xmlns="jabber:x:data" type="form"><field var="stream-method" type="list-multi"><option><value></value></option><option><value></value></option></field></x></feature></si></iq>

Mini: <iq xmlns="jabber:client" id="dOOE2-49" to="user1@venky/spark" type="result"><si xmlns="" id="jsi_2756468538531082847"><feature xmlns=""><x xmlns="jabber:x:data" type="submit"><field var="stream-method"><value></value></field></x></feature></si></iq>

spark: <iq id="dOOE2-50" to="madhan@venky/MiniClient" from="user1@venky/spark" type="set"><query xmlns="" sid="jsi_2756468538531082847" mode="tcp"><streamhost jid="proxy.venky" host="" port="7777"/></query></iq>

mini: <iq xmlns="jabber:client" type="result" to="user1@venky/spark" id="dOOE2-50"><query xmlns=""><streamhost-used jid="proxy.venky" /></query></iq>

=== this is working ====

From Mini to spark

mini: <iq id="agsXMPP_14" to="san@venky/spark" type="set"><si xmlns="" profile="" id="76524e5b-0abe-4ca1-9823-1a7fe67c1cea"><file xmlns="" name="ChangeLog" size="24312"><range /></file><feature xmlns=""><x xmlns="jabber:x:data" type="form"><field type="list-single" var="stream-method"><option><value></value></option></field></x></feature></si></iq>

spark: <iq id="agsXMPP_14" to="madhan@venky/MiniClient" from="san@venky/spark" type="result"><si xmlns=""><feature xmlns=""><x xmlns="jabber:x:data" type="submit"><field var="stream-method"><value></value></field></x></feature></si></iq>

mini: <iq xmlns="jabber:client" id="agsXMPP_15" to="san@venky/spark" type="set"><query xmlns="" sid="76524e5b-0abe-4ca1-9823-1a7fe67c1cea"><streamhost jid="proxy.venky" host="" port="7777" /></query></iq>

spark: <iq id="agsXMPP_15" to="madhan@venky/MiniClient" from="san@venky/spark" type="result"><query xmlns=""><streamhost-used jid="proxy.venky"/></query></iq>

== this is not working; creating 0k files ========

thanking you in advance
Alex #2
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Hello svenk,

the logfiles are not complete. Can you post also the rest of the logs?
Did you try to debug the code to see why the file has only 0K?

Its a known problem in the XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) that file transfer code in various clients is not compatible to each other adn that we need a better standard for file transfers.
When we wrote the file transfer example we tested against our own code, Exodus and Psi with success.

I will try to download Spark and debug the file transfer if I have some minutes.

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