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Subject: Subscribe event don't fire when "invite again"
Hello, every body:)
I'm a new comer in agsXMPP, it's useful. Thank you! logged in MiniClient. logged in GTalk. invite in GTallk ( don't before)
4.a OnPresence with PresenceType.subscribe event fires in's MiniClient approve the request remove in GTalk re invite

Then, the problem comes. will not receive the PresenceType.subscribe event anymore. even if remove from its friend list.

Is there something wrong or it's just what google server want to do?

please help me. Thanks
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Alex #2
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  • if approves the request of, should also add b@gmailcom to the roster and send a subscription request.

  • if you remove a contact you should also cancel the subscription. I think you don't do this which is the reason why are still subscribed when you add the contact again to your roster.

See also there example here in RFC 3921:

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