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Subject: Google Apps for Domains
I use gtalk for my domain. I have tried to use the mini client sample for windows mobile to login but it doesnt work. (a regular gmail account works fine) i can login fine using the windows client.

The response I get is <failure xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl"><not-authorized /><auth:missing-username xmlns:auth="google:auth" /></failure>
Which obviously thinks my username doesn't exist.

I don't understand why the windows client works fine and windows mobile does not?
Can anyone help?
Alex #2
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the .NET Compact Framework supports no SSL and TLS on sockets.

  • If you connect with the Desktop client the connection gets secured over TLS before authentication and the Google server offers the SASL Plain mechanism to authenticate.
  • When you connect from CF2 the connection can't be secured because of missing TLS in the CF and the Google server does not offer SASL Plain because they require secure authentication. Instead of SASL Plain they offer the Google X-TOKEN mechanism which authenticates over secure https web requests. And it looks like this does not work with apps for your domains. Can you try to contact Google and ask them if Google X-TOKEN auth will work for you?

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