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Kasyan #1
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Subject: Run as service user
I use a this library in Windows PowerShell script to send a Jabber-message.
Look at this script:
function fn_jabbersend ($text_mess)
    $jcon=new-object agsxmpp.xmppclientconnection("jabber.vz")
    $jmess=new-object agsxmpp.protocol.client.message()
    $data_file=Get-Content data.list
    foreach ($one_str in $data_file)
        if ($one_str -match "([\w\-]+\.)*[\w\-]+(@jabber.vz)") # if it is a JID
It works perfectly from my user account. My account is domain user, I'm not a computer administrator.
But, my task is start this script from service that run from other domain user - and it doesn't work :(
I don't understand what wrong: assembly don't load or something other..
Please help me
Alex #2
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I think there is a security/policy problem.
Services normally run under the local system account, and this account normally has no permissions to access the network.
Can you check this and adjust your .NET policies or the user account?

halr9000 #3
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If the solution will be that simple then you just change the service to NETWORK SERVICE as opposed to SYSTEM.
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