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Kasyan #1
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Subject: Creating own Jabber client
I'm a beginner in C# and haven't so much knowledges that can understand a samples from SDK  :-( I mean that understand a code from samples is very difficult for me.
Can you help to understand a steps for creating client: which events I must use, and what they means, what receved from server and what I must send to server and other, other..
Where I can read about?
I look forward to your help.
Forgive me my bad English.
ayyrk #2
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You have to try and understand the miniclient example.

The SDK developer makes the example to show you how to use the API.  There is no short cut.

First get the miniclient running then try to change and improve it until you understand the API. Your C# will get better along the way.

You are lucky that you are studying the agsxmpp API because you won't pick up bad habits from it. You can learn all the C# you need from it.
Alex #3
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There are also VB samples. If you are familiar with VB then take a look at the VB samples first.
You don't have to code in c#, you can use any .NET langauge.
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