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gab #1
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Subject: log in error detection?

can anyone share how i can detect authentication error in using agsxmpp? the authentication error for c# is in miniclient but i'm not sure how to create the callback function in to capture the error

i tried this but 2005 complains...

    Private Sub XmppCon_OnAuthError(ByVal sender As Object) Handles XmppCon.OnAuthError
        If InvokeRequired Then
            BeginInvoke(CType(AddressOf XmppCon_OnAuthError, agsXMPP.ObjectHandler), New Object() {sender})
        End If

    '... ...
    End Sub
Alex #2
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If you use Visual Studio or SharpDevelop you can add all this events with one mouse click.

Private Sub XmppCon_OnAuthError(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As agsXMPP.Xml.Dom.Element) Handles XmppCon.OnAuthError

End Sub

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