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geovanyayala #1
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Subject: Open source xmpp server based on agsxmpp
i read in another post that exist one or two open source xmpp server based on agsxmpp, but no say which ones. So i'm spend time searching but i didn´t find anything. Do you know some one?

thanks for you time. :-D
Alex #2
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We were in contact with some universities who are working on a agsXMPP based server, but i don't think they released any code yet.
We know that there are many people who work on a agsXMPP based server, but I don't think anybody released code yet.
There were also some people here in the forums asking server related questions. You should try to contact them.

Here is a post about a agsXMPP based server:,guid,5360f442-70cd-463e…
We never took a look at the code. So check it out and have fun ;-)

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