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Subject: How to Disconnect XmppComponentConnection
Hi can any one help me? I'm getting problem in disconnecting XmppComponentConnection.

Problem is that, every thing is going great when I start an application for the first time which uses XmppComponentConnection, but on SocketExeption, I am reconnecting connection. Form here problem starts, Connection start dropping packets. It not gives me all route packets. suppose I send 9 messages to some one, I'm not getting all of that messages on component connection. I think it may be due to connection was not disconnected properly at SocketExeption.

So, can any one tell me, how can I disconnect or dispose Component connection...

Thanks in advance...........
Jabberer #2
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normally you disconnect the component with the Close function. But if the connection gets disconnected by socket errors calling the Close method makes no sense.

We made some improvements to the component code in the latest SVN code. Can you check if you use the latest code?

A component connection is using only one socket. If it's connected you should get all packets and not only some. Can you look in the Xml log if the packets are there and also use a socket sniffer to see if the server is sending them? Otherwise its a problem of your server.
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