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Subject: How to build jabber server using agsXMPP??
I have to build my own jabber server using agsXMPP but I don't know where to start-there's so much of it! Is there any example, a source code perhaps, explaining how to use the classes to implement server? There was some 'server example' implementation mentioned in other thread but I can't find any example anywhere. I have very little time to do this task so I would be grateful for quick response and help.

Thanks in advance,
Alex #2
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Hello lolek,

There is a very basic example in the samples directory which ships with the SDK. But this example is very basic, because we don't want give out a complete server with the SDK.
There are many threads in this forum which will help you building your server. There are many companies and individuals which use our SDK for a custom server. And i think there are one or two open source servers build with our SDK which you can find over Google.

If your project is commercial then you should consider a commercial licence which gives you professional support directly from our developers.

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