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Subject: agsXMPP and connection issues on the smartphone
I'm experimenting with the WM5 smartphone platform version. The issue I'm having is this. In particular I'd like the client to activate the internet connection (gprs) and if it gets disconnected to try to reconnect for 3 times and if fails to try later after 3 minutes. I'm using the WebRequest.Create(XMPP_SERVER).GetResponse() method to activate the connection. What I've bumped into is that on disconnection at most I get reconnected twice, then the entire client crashes. So my question is has anyone else done something like this and what would be the correct way to do this on the WM5 platform and the CF2.0? Applying it to the miniclient example would be most useful. Thanks
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This is no problem. In our projects we use a reconnect timer for that.
I don't understand what you are doing here:
  1. WebRequest.Create(XMPP_SERVER).GetResponse()
If you use one instance of XmppClientConnection you can't be connected twice. You also cannot connect twice to a XMPP server with the same resource. The server will automatically kick the existing connection.

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