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Subject: XMPP_OnLogin not getting called

This is code that i am trying to use. When the open method of the XMPPClientConnection is called, the XMPP_OnLogin
event is never fired. Did download the new samples from SVN. The Sample C# version works perfectly fine, but the
Sample VB.Net version works the same way as my Application. The OnLogin Event is never fired. Have some one come
accross such a situation.

**********My Coding*************
Public Sub Connect()
            xmpConn = New XmppClientConnection
            xmpConn.Server = ""
            'xmpp.ConnectServer = ""
            xmpConn.Username = ""
            xmpConn.Password = "myPassword"
            xmpConn.Status = "Online"
            xmpConn.SocketConnectionType = net.SocketConnectionType.Direct
End Sub

Private Sub xmpConn_OnLogin(ByVal sender As Object) Handles xmpConn.OnLogin
        If xmpConn.Authenticated Then
            MsgBox("Not Connected")
        End If
    End Sub

Do tell me if i am being wrong at any place. It would be nice if someone could share a working app.
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can you post your Debug XML and catch the Error events of XmppClientConnection?
Are you using .NET 1.0, 1.1 or 2.0?
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