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PubSub version problems ...
mayprog #1
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Subject: PubSub Versioning
Dear Sirs,
I am currently implementing PubSub functionallity into a client.
The problem i faced is that Ags have implemented (as i can figure out) the latest version of pubsub jep (jep 0060).
Unfortunatelly the server we mostly use for our im needs is Jive's Wildfire which as i figured out supports version 1.7 only!
I can see there are big differences between these versions (eg the Event components are quite different).
How can one manage this Jep versioning. What should i do in order to cooperate normally with wildifre and also be able to communicated with other servers too?
Should I implement older versions? Also is there a way to query the server for the implemented jeps version (which version on each jep have implemented)?
How could I figure out this?

This is a big problem form me now and i really need you opinions!
Thank you very much!
Alex #2
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as you can see on the JEP-list each JEP has a status. All Jeps which are not active or final are still in development and can change. Experimental JEP's are normally at the beginning of the protocol development and may change a lot. So its alway a risk to implement Jeps which are not in a active/final or advanced draft state.

We implemented pubsub from the latest CVS docs, so it should be up to date. But we will take a look at it again. Normally the Jive developers are very friendly and helpful. If the server code is not compliant with the latests docs you should post in in their forums.
if something is wrong in our implementation let us know and we will fix it. But keep in mind that pubsub is still on Draft state and can change.

mayprog #3
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Thanks Alex, you are right.
I have already post a topic in Jive's threads about this issue and I am waiting a responce.
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