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Subject: how to add Jabber Transport or Gateway
One of the distinguishing characteristic of Jabber technologies is the existence of gateways (also called "transports") between the Jabber network and legacy instant messaging services such as AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), ICQ, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger.
I want to use this characteristic in my client. i am using agsxmpp sdk for c# to build this IM. can anybody out there can tell me how to add this feature in your IM. To develop my client i get lots of help from MiniClient. But there is no feature for Transport or Gateway.
Please give me some examples of code if you know something about it.
Xishan Shigri
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Hello xishan,

there is really not much you need to add for gateway/transport support. You will find also lots of other threads in the forum about that.

The idea of the gateways is to convert a legacy protocol like MSN to XMPP. So for your client it is exactly the same if you send a message to a XMPP user or to a MSN user. Only the To property in the message is different. The conversion is done by the server (gateway) and not your client.

small sample:
  • you have a XMPP server configured to the domain
  • on this server you run a ICQ transport and a MSN transport. Normally you configure this transports to the sub-domains and
  • register this both transorts in your client
  • now you can add users and exchange messages with them. If you add a icq user the XMPP Jid would be, and for a MSN user it would be

So the only difference are the XMPP user IDs (called Jid), and especially the MSN Id's where the '@' must be replaced with '%'.
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