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Subject: How to use XEP-114
Currently, I am working on a chat project using Ejeabberd as an XMPP server,  in order to push notifications, I must have built an app server as Compornet (XEP-114) to push notify into FCM.
so please let me know.
Does Matrix.vNext support XEP-114?
How to follow XEP-114 when using the Matrix.vNext?.
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XEP-0114 is currently not supported in MatriX vNext. There was very little to no interest of our users and customers for writing XMPP components with MatriX for some years.

However, its very trivial to make this work with MatriX vNext. You would need to write only very little code to support component connections. You could just study on how XmppClient is written in MatriX vNext and use this as a base to write your own implementation for XEP-0114.

Just reach out here when you need more help.

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