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Subject: Setting rich presence for Cisco IM&Presence
I'm using matrix.vNext with Cisco IM&P (Version 11.5, but soon 12.5, too). I can connect, set basic presence, manage roaster and get presence notifications just fine.

Where I'm having problem is rich presence. Cisco uses their own PIDF format - looks pretty much like the standard, but with some custom namespaces. Some examles can be seen in their dev guide…

While I can send that rich presence just fine using this approach

  1. var xmppXElement = XmppXElement.LoadXml(richPresence);
  2. await xmppClient.SendAsync(xmppXElement).ConfigureAwait(false);

the effects it has on the presence of the logged in user isn't what I'm expecting. Has anybody gotten this to work?
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Alex #2
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MatriX is not touching the Xml you send at all. When something goes wrong there then it look to me like you build the Xml wrong which is in your string variable richPresence.

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