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Subject: Headers & Stanzas
I have a project trying to connect to the US based National Weather Service (NWS).  Their documentation is non existent but I found an example PHP project using JAXL XMPP PHP Library here

I can make my connection, join the chat room and am able to receive what I now think to be only header information by modifying the C# MiniClient example.  From OnReceiveXml I'm able to log e.Text and it looks like:

<message to="" type="groupchat" from="" xmlns="jabber:client">
  <body>KABR issues CLI valid 2017-04-03T22:32:00Z</body>
  <html xmlns="">
    <body xmlns="">KABR issues CLI valid 2017-04-03T22:32:00Z</body>
  <x xmlns="nwws-oi" cccc="KABR" ttaaii="CDUS43" issue="2017-04-03T22:32:00Z" awipsid="CLIATY" id="4171.16053"><![CDATA[
]]><![CDATA[CDUS43 KABR 032233]]><![CDATA[.........

Where is the actual XML stanza information?  It should look like this: view-source:…?x=CA125849B81…
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