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surjith #1
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Subject: Doubt regarding Xdataform in AgsXmpp dll
I would like to know in what ways the xdata form will work. It is include in the mainform? I shall mention the code listing:
  ' check for xData Message
        Dim e As Element = msg.SelectSingleElement(GetType(Data))
        If Not (e Is Nothing) Then
             Dim xdata As Data = e '

                If xdata.Type = XDataFormType.form Then
                   Dim fXData As New frmXData(xdata)
                    fXData.Text = "xData Form from " + msg.From.ToString()
               End If
            If Not Util.ChatForms.ContainsKey(msg.From.Bare) Then
                Dim rn As RosterNode = rosterControl.GetRosterItem(msg.From)
                Dim nick As String = msg.From.Bare
                If Not (rn Is Nothing) Then
                    nick = rn.Text
                End If
                Dim f As New frmChat(msg.From, XmppCon, nick)
            End If
        End If
Alex #2
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Hello surjith,

I attached a screenshot of a x-data from. X-data is used in XMPP in many places.
X-data is a generic data description format that can be used for dynamic forms generation and data modelling in a variety of circumstances. The x-data control in agsXMPP.ui is parsing the xml and builds the user interface for you. It is also capable of building the x-data response.

some use cases of XData:
  • search forms
  • muc chat room configuration
  • in band registration
  • questionnaires

see also the XData JEP-0004

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