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bilalkhan #1
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Subject: xmpp on error
when this function get called.?? 

  1. private void OnError(object sender, Exception ex)
  2. {
  4.     var context = GlobalHost.ConnectionManager.GetHubContext<ChatHub>();
  5.     foreach (string connectionId in ChatHub.GetUserConnections(((XmppClientConnection)sender).Username))
  6.     {
  7.         context.Clients.Client(connectionId).showServerError("Server not reachable. Please try later.!");
  8.     }
  9. }
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Alex #2
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This is event get called when:

  • there are unhandled exceptions on your code, we forward them to you in this event. Because most unhandled exception bubble up to agsXMPP
  • Socket exception in MatriX get also forwarded here.

But you should not rely on this event. Its more informational. When an exception occurs which causes a connection loss then this is always followed by the OnClose event. And you should react on the OnClose event only.

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