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Subject: Xml to Presence
Hello alex sir,

i have a xml. can you please tell me how can i make a presence in .NET using agsxmpp.dll

xml is

  1. <presence to="" xml:lang="Do not well in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.">
  2. <c xmlns="" node="" ver="1.0" ext="nimbuzz-wap" hash="sha-1" />
  3. <show>away</show>
  4. <nick xmlns="">trim</nick>
  5. <status>.</status>
  6. <priority>75</priority>
  7. <x xmlns="j2j:history">
  8. <jid gateway="">izthunjm81o9slvw0y2ax57f3bcqk6gp</jid>
  9. </x>
  10. </presence>

i want to make a presence in .net using this xml..

thank you.
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Alex #2
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you use the presence class in agsXMPP.
This presence includes the Nickname and Caps extensions, both should be available in agsXMPP.

I have not seen this before:
  1. <jid gateway="">izthunjm81o9slvw0y2ax57f3bcqk6gp</jid>

but you can easily add this Xml on your own.

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