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Subject: Asynchronous client Open method
Are you planning to make client Open method assync? Open method takes ~233 ms, so it freezes main thread and gui.

I've tried to move it to separate thread:
  1. new Thread(() => {
  2.     m_XmppClient.Open();
  3. }).Start();

So, it takes ~60-80 ms. But anyways it's to much. AFAIK you are using raw socket. But why do you use synchronous Connect instead of async BeginConnect?
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Alex #2
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All sockets in MatriX are asynchronous. So they use BeginConnect.

The only non async part can be depending on the platform you use the Srv DNS lookups. To avoid them you can set ResolveSrvRecords to false and set the hostname on your own.
If it still does not meet your requirements then call it in a background thread

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