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Subject: How To include the client IP address

I set up a tigase server on an azure VM.

Using Matrix library we created a very simple client tool to test the server connection.

When the client tool is local on the server machine, the connection seems great and we get OnPresence call back.

When the client is on a different machine, we connect (somehow) to the server, but we get unknown host.
Upon mentioning this to Tigase people they mentioned something about "...specify the local IP in clients...".

Can you please help ? "how do we specify the local IP in clients in an xmppClient object" ?!

Alex #2
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usually you specify only the XmppDomain and the client resolves the IP of your server from the DNS using SRV records. SRV records are a requirement by XMPP and defined in the XMPP RFCs.

If you have no SRV records set you can set you IP manual. For a sample take a look at the docs here:…

the Hostname property accepts an IP or DNS name.

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