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Subject: How & Where does the MiniClientVB (2003) download the roaster after logging in?
How & Where does the MiniClientVB (2003) download the roster after logging in? I tried browsing through the entire code and could'nt find anything that downloaded the roster after log on.

I thought the server automatically gave the initial roster to the client which was handled by XmppCon_OnRosterItem, but I tried putting a breakpoint that code. And the execution never breaked in that handler, does'nt that mean XmppCon_OnRosterItem is never executed. But still I can see my friend on the roster list.

Sorry I am new to XMPP and VB, I know this may be a foolish question.
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the library has a property AutoRoster. If this is set to true then the library gets the roster automatically on login. True is also the default value here. If you have some contacts on your list then you will get the OnRosterItem event.

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