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jhe #1
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Subject: NET 4.0 and MatriX async methods

i was wondering if there is a version of the matrix sdk for net 4.0 that has the async methods. (DiscoverItemsAsync, EnterRoomAsync etc.)
I have downloaded the package "async for net framework 4.0" to get the async features for net 4.0 and are currently only missing the async
methods from the matrix sdk.…

any help or suggestions would be appreciated

best regards
Alex #2
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we have the async features only in the .NET 4.5 builds.
Why not switch to 4.5 when you want to use TAP?

ssteiner #3
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Probably targetting an OS where you cannot install 4.5. We faced similar issues in the past and still run some apps on 4.0 level with the BCL crutch. Thankfully, we can now point to Microsoft having ended support of 4.0 (and 4.5, 4.51) to increase pressure to upgrade.. but if the customer still has XP, they don't really care about those things anyway.
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