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renish #1
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Subject: Offline Message Count in agsXMPP for OpenFire 3.9.3 server
   Below is my code which im using for getting offline message count
but im always getting res as nothing in result.        

  1. Dim offLineIQ As IQ = New IQ(IqType.get)
  2. offLineIQ.Id = "OfflineIQ12"
  3. Dim ele As Element = New Element()
  4. ele.TagName = "query"
  5. ele.SetNamespace("")
  6. ele.SetAttribute("node", "")
  7. offLineIQ.Query = ele
  8. Dim iqGrab As New IqGrabber(xmppClient)
  9. Dim res As IQ = iqGrab.SendIq(offLineIQ)
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Alex #2
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please post your complete xml log.
Are you sure that your server supports this functionality?

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