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Subject: How to get Jabber ID of sender with admin privilegies in jabber-conference?

I try to write simple jabber-bot to my jabber-conference and I cant get JabberID of sender (bot have admin privilegies on chanel)

How can I get it?

My simple trash code (C#) :)

P.S. I trying like this

  1. string test = msg.From.User;

but getting "gamecoma", but this is JID of bot and conference name.

Code like this:

  1. string test = msg.ToString();
  2. xmpp.Send(new Message(Room, MessageType.groupchat, SenderNickname + ": " + test));

Show me
  1. <message xmlns="jabber:client" to="" xml:lang="ru" type="groupchat" from="" stime="1421735225349"><body>?????: </body></message>

But JID of DiWorm like
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Alex #2
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this real Jid comes with the presence.
But only when the room is configured to send it to anybody or users with a given role, eg owners and admins.

When the room is configured correct then the packet looks like the following:
  1. <presence
  2.    from='coven@chat.shakespeare.lit/thirdwitch'
  3.    id='17232D15-134F-43C8-9A29-61C20A64B236'
  4.    to='crone1@shakespeare.lit/desktop'>
  5.  <x xmlns=''>
  6.     <item affiliation='none'
  7.          jid='hag66@shakespeare.lit/pda'
  8.          role='participant'/>
  9.  </x>
  10. </presence>

there you have the X-Tag in the presence which includes an item with the Jid attribute.

When the tag, item and Jid is there then the following code retrieves it:

  1. pres.MucUser.Item.Jid

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