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Subject: Roster and Subscriptions
I'm working on a gtalk bot based on agsXMPP, it works great, my question is;
Do i have to add every single user to my roster? I mean if i just add a subscription but not add them to my roster, what happens? Since it is a bot, i don't need a crowded roster. I just want people to be able to send messages whenever they want and i can respond. Is presence subscription enough for this or shall i manage my bot's roster too? (which will be transferred all every reconnect)

Alex #2
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The subscription state is stored with the roster and is part of the roster. So you have to add every user to your roster. Some public XMPP servers have limits in the roster (eg. max 200 contacts). I don't know if google has this limits too. If they have them then it would be better if you install your own xmpp server for your bot.

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