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koyakishore #1
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Subject: XmppClientConnection using Google access token.
Hi team,

I'm working on google cloud print notifications using xmpp protocol. I'm using agsXmpp SDK.

Everything is working fine by setting Username and Password properties of Xmpp.

But my requirement is to use google access tokens, because we don't want to keep track of Google account username and password.

So, my question is can I use agsXmpp SDK to authenticate using google access token?

Thanks in advance,
Sai Kishore
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Alex #2
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look at the agsXMPP.Sasl.XGoogleToken.XGoogleTokenMechanism class.

In the OnSaslStart event you can select the Sasl mechanismfor the authentication manual.

  1. private void XmppCon_OnSaslStart(object sender, SaslEventArgs args)
  2. {
  3.     args.Auto = false;
  4.     args.Mechanism = agsXMPP.protocol.sasl.Mechanism.GetMechanismName(agsXMPP.protocol.sasl.MechanismType.X_GOOGLE_TOKEN);
  5. }
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