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Subject: which  table it exists  the contact list
     In my application ?I got contact list successed yestaday?but I can't get that today?In my openfire database ?I Find the table which named “ofRoster” ?What about this table?I make a query get some infomation like  this?
rosterID    username    jid    sub    ask    recv    nick
1    hbpf    hbsyl@center-yfb-511    3    -1    -1    hbsyl

My Jid is hbpf@center-yfb-511 ?why did I can't find my Contact list today?
     Another Problem is the OnRosterItem event not firing?It Wored properly yestaday? That I make a endpoint at  OnRosterItemevent?The application loging success?But not enter the endpoint?  
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