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Subject: MatriX XMPP low performance
HI. I got an performance issue using matrix xmpp sdk.

I have one instance of XmppClient on the backend that creates room on the jabber server. Then I have external clients that connect to this room and send/receive some information. Now I need to check the performance of my backend. I created 10 users in jabber and initialize 10 XmppClient instances in one test application. After success OnPresence message I start sending 100 messages without any delay by every client to created room. Message sending is fast. But receiving response back is slow. Test clients receive just 5-7 messages per second. On the backend there is no business logic. Just generating response back for every message. Also there is no errors in error callback handlers.

Here is how I create XmppClient instance on backend and client sides:

XmppClient xmppClient = new XmppClient("client" + i, "localhost", "1234");
xmppClient.ResolveSrvRecords = false;
xmppClient.Hostname = "";
xmppClient.OnLogin += OnLoginHandler;
xmppClient.OnPresence += OnPresenceHandler;
xmppClient.OnMessage += OnMessageHandler;

Do you have some performance numbers of using MatriX? And could you please advise something to check/resolve my issue.

Thank you
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MatriX performs extremely well. 10 clients is absolutely nothing.
When there is a delay then this is either:

  • your server
  • your network
  • your code or design

check your server and your code first. There are many servers which throttle clients by default. Many server are optimized for thousands of connected clients by default. Which means they have some throttling per client, so that one very active client does not slow down thousands of other clients.

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