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Can i Find out XMPPServer(wildfire) Start or stop?
liyasker #1
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Subject: Can i Find out XMPPServer(wildfire) Start or stop?

I am using agsXMPP 0.71 and wildfire Server 2.4.0

[ Can I find out the WildfireStatus using agsxmpp ]

this is my requirement :-

I am going to login wildfire , It may be Start or Stop.
Before login in wildfire i want to know the Wildfire status( Start / Stop ).
I want call the login method if the server state is start only.can you give me the solution.

Now i am using this code ... When the server stop XmppConnectionState should goes to disconnected.
But it is still on does not exit in the loop...

This is my part of code:-
  1. while (LoginClientConnection.XmppConnectionState.ToString() != "SessionStarted" &&
  2. LoginClientConnection.XmppConnectionState.ToString() != "Disconnected")
  3.                 {
  5.                 }
  6.                 if (LoginClientConnection.XmppConnectionState.ToString() == "Disconnected")
  7.                 {
  8.                     throw new ApplicationException("Cannot connect to XMPP for:" + LoginClientConnection.Username);
  9.                 }
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Alex #2
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I assume with Start and Stop status you mean if the servers is running or its not running.
If the server is not running and you try to connect with agsXMPP you will get an error.
So check the error events OnError and OnXmppError.

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