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Subject: Connection with external network issue.
my xmpp server domain was register in internal network and it was working with following code . but now i hosted my domain in external network for public use and server is opening from browser and showing all the records my webservice is also in external network and working fine but em not accessing the server not receiving and sending message from server, question is i need to set some property in xmpp client while connecting with external network or something else?

  1. xmppClient.XmppDomain = Domain;
  2. xmppClient.Username = username;
  3. xmppClient.Password =password;
  5. xmppClient.Show = Matrix.Xmpp.Show.NONE;
  7. xmppClient.StartTls = false;
  9. xmppClient.Open();
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for the XmppClient is does not matter whether you access your server over the intranet or internet.
Check your server, firewall and dns configuration. For Xmpp you have to openport 5222.
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