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Subject: how to
I'm trying to send a msg from a jabber account to a gmail account. I do the following:

*create a new c# Project
*add the Matrix.dll as reference
*add a button to the Project form and put the Basic code on it:

  1. // basic send message example
  2. var xmppClient = new XmppClient {XmppDomain = "", Username = "user1", Password = "secret"};
  3. xmppClient.OnRosterEnd += delegate {xmppClient.Send(new Matrix.Xmpp.Client.Message {To = "", Type =, Body = "Hello World"});};
  4. xmppClient.Open();

why it does not work?
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Quote by gigadreamer:
why it does not work?

no idea, Gmail accepts messages only from people on your contact list with proper subscription. Id the sender is on the contact list and subscribed it must work.
Its also possible that the server has problems at the moment to contact to the Gmail server.
I also suggest to start with the MiniClient example which is included with the MatriX download.

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